Nicaragua Linda

Photography by Jimmy D. MendietaJimmy's passion for photography began at the age of 15 when he got his hands on his first camera. His favorite place to take pictures was at a beach named Casares only 20 minutes away from his birth place in Diriamba, Nicaragua. There he photographed his friends and family and was always alert for any opportunities that the day might present for a great shot. He captured many truly amazing photos of the surrounding wildlife, tropical vegetation, sunrise and sunsets.

It wasn't long before people began to notice the quality, dedication and passion with which he took pictures. People began to request that he photograph their children at the many special moments of their lives, like their first birthday or first communion. He would take their graduation pictures and for those who were in love, he'd be there to photograph their engagements and weddings.

Jimmy has recently dedicated himself in photographing the many beautiful places in Nicaragua. It's beaches, cities and towns and its churches which are the heart of the people of Nicaragua. Please enjoy and feel free to leave your comments or send him an e-mail.

Jimmy D. Mendieta | e-mail: jimmymendieta@live.com | Location: Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua.